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21 April 2011


Linda - Yes, I'm very much into lean IT given my background. I discuss a lot of techniques in my book and in my workshops on the role of IT in regulatory compliance. You can see a number of articles on this type of lean IT approach in my articles; see http://www.ceruleanllc.com/resources/published-articles-case-studies/#IT_Compliance

Interesting blog. Drug development costs are ballooning for a variety of reasons, as you suggest, but there are a number of issues that are delaying new drugs from getting to the market quicker. You mentioned that you provide multiple tactics for how to combat some of these issues. I wonder if one of those tactics includes a lean IT approach by introducing more cloud computing technologies into the drug development process. For many industries, cloud technology has promoted streamlined workflows and significantly cut back on timely and costly processes that often impede an organization’s ability to achieve their business objectives. The Life Sciences industry is ripe for this type of cloud innovation, particularly for clinical trials that are increasingly dispersed and global.

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